Profitable Meat Production

The use of Salbutamate® 10% in sheep leads to an improvement in Feed Convertion Ratio (FCR) of 16,5% without a decrease in feed intake.  The average improvement in Average Daily Gain (ADG) is between 40g and 60g per day with an improvement in Carcass Dressing Percentage of between 0,4 and 1,4%.  Due to the mode of action of the molecule the correct use of Salbutamate 10% will also positively affect the carcass fat percentage and subsequently improve carcass grading.  All of this culminates in improved financial gain for the farmer.

Tasty Tender Meat

The use of technologies like beta-agonists has greatly improved production efficiency and economical production of lean protein.
It is well known that some beta-agonists have a negative effect on meat tenderness when fed to beef cattle and sheep. It has been proven however that Salbutamate® 10% has no effect on meat tenderness in sheep with regards to taste, juiciness and meat toughness.

Salbutamate® 10% is registered for the following claim in sheep:

For increased mass gain, increased feed efficiency, improved carcass dressing percentage and improved carcass leanness (lower fat percentage) in sheep

Dosage and inclusion levels for Salbutamate® 10% in sheep rations

Include Salbutamate® 10% at 100 to 150g/ton of feed in the final feed for the last 28 days of the finishing phase.

The guideline for use in sheep is 14 – 16 mg per head per day for the lat 28 days.  To calculate the amount of Salbutamate® 10% to add to your feed, download the mixing guide on the right hand side of the page.


Withdrawal Period

Salbutamate® 10% has a one day withdrawal prior to slaughter.




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